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Wound Walk OC tends to the wounds of our unsheltered in Orange County, California.. Our Mission is the direct relief for those who need it most. We have a wound wagon, filled by items donated by people like you. Each person who calls outside home is different, but, of course— all deserve basic human care. What we do is deliver relief so that they might catch their breath for a moment, feel a connection - we won’t stop until some can recognize themselves in a mirror someday.

With no handwashing stations

During this unprecedented public health event, what we see up close and personal on the streets of Orange County, CA makes complete sense. With no handwashing stations, or basic hygiene

do-gooder Laura Bennett

We received a humbling message today from do-gooder Laura Bennett. “Last night my cousin, Steven Gallion, lost his battle with cancer. He spent many years as a social worker in

Wound Walk OC

Wounds need to heal. Thank you Senator John Moorlach, Patty Barnett Mouton, and to everyone who cares. You all are showing your kindness. The face masks will help so much.