With no handwashing stations

During this unprecedented public health event, what we see up close and personal on the streets of Orange County, CA makes complete sense.

With no handwashing stations, or basic hygiene opportunities for those we left behind, of course we see skin infection issues, dehydration, wounds getting more advanced— of course that is not the couse reccomended by the California Department of Public Health. How many times have we heard of the critical importance of washing our hands during this time? Since no personal hygeine opportunities are available to those who are unsheltered, we witness the results of restricting access to clean water for hygiene— we see and smell it up close and take it personally. We are holding the hands of those who are in the worse conditions of their lives. What we see just a few miles from places like Irvine moves us to action.

WE as a community of neighbors, continue to come together to serve, provide a meal, and create an opportunity to have flowing water, soap and towels to wash up- imagine for a moment what that feels like. Now picture receiving basic first aid for a wound you know will most likely get worse if left exposed in an environment where #Covid-19 related community difficulties mixes with complex infections (MRSA.)

From our entire beings, we are expressing our sympathy- our collective grief and an unflinching desire to be there, bootie covered feet on the ground. We have a wagon and we have a collective of truly compassionate driven fellow humans that provide us with a way to touch the open wound— our open hands to theirs.

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